Princeton Lumber attributes its long-standing success to its simple philosophy of high-quality workmanship at a fair price. We consistently go out of our way to serve our client. We build every project as if it will be the only basis for our reputation. In other words, we understand the simple truth that we are only as good as our latest project. And since we have a 100-year-old reputation to protect, you can be assured we take this philosophy seriously.

Like our company philosophy, our construction management philosophy is straightforward: Build a strong team of professionals who can work together to provide the Project Owner the best job possible. When the project achieves the vision of the Owner and comes in on budget and on time, everyone wins: the Project Owner, the Owner’s customers, those who worked on the project and especially the community. A strong team will overcome obstacles, leverage one-another’s strengths and achieve powerful results. When leading a team, we believe in establishing clear expectations, communicating results and hitting challenges head on.

We place great emphasis on safety, quality control and customer satisfaction. The key to our success in the past, and certainly the key to our success in the future is a satisfied customer.